Monday, October 17, 2011

Who am I?

Anyone who inhabits the city is bound to cross my path sometime or the other.

Over the years I have made many acquaintances in not just the maalishwalas and taxiwalas, but also the bada saabs, their memsaabs, chauffers and not to mention their bachcha - bachchis.

Though my role is never spoken about, I know I feature somewhere in their livelihood.

These days, I see a lot of newlyweds, health enthusiasts and frustrated office goers. Some seek my comfort during troubled times, while for some others, I am just a partaker in their noisy celebrations or rejuvenating jogging sessions.

Even movie stars would like to pay me a visit, but even before our eyes meet, the paparazzi whisk them away.

Though I have had my share of horrifying incidents in the past, I am a firm believer of the present.

For many I am a lap of comfort and luxury, with their fancy houses and five star hotels to boast of. I am tired of being in everyone’s’ vicinity.

Not a day goes by when I don’t sympathize with Mother Nature. Disregarded, she weeps.

The sea is my soulmate. I will always watch out for her.

My peers stand tall and proud as they adorn the Queens’ necklace. They are second next to none.

As for me, I still continue to watch the world go by, one dream chasing the other.

The vast stretch of ocean with her tiny fishing boats, pompous high-rise buildings at the distance, chaiwalas who perpetually flock around potential customers, joggers who train for the next marathon, horse carts that sport colorful balloons, daydreamers with no one to disturb - sights and sounds that make Mumbai’s Marine Drive one of a kind and also my favorite.


  1. amazing writing!!! :) every sentence painted a picture in my mind :) and a fitting tribute to the best part of Mumbai!! :) loved it!!

  2. That's beautifully written!! :-) Loved this piece!!

    You definitely should blog more often!!!

  3. Thank you so much ladies :)
    I love going there now and then. It is a different experience each time, and in every visit I observe something new and interesting.
    Then I decided it is high time I pen down my thoughts. Glad u enjoyed reading it! :D

  4. Lovely piece, Piyeee! Keep writing.


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