Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A tag tale!

I was just about to start on another post and then I stopped. Why not a tag this time??

I have been tagged once by Aishu, well, ummm.. about two years back! :D Never really sat down to write then! I have always been amused while reading tags, never really thought about writing one!
So peeps, here goes!

Ten things I want to say to people right now (I will be skipping this one cause I think this post already says a lot)

Nine things about myself

( Here is when I get to write about the quirks huh?)
1.I love to day dream, write, read, shop and cook. Not necessarily in the same order.
2.I get a high when I dance. Period.
3.Alcohol is not a must, can manage with a Breezer anytime. 4% alcohol is barely anything!
4.I am addicted to Google. Who isn’t?
Currently I am even more addicted to my Blackberry, though sometimes I wish it would stop buzzing when I am reading a great book. Grrrr
5.I walk very quickly, so maybe it has to do with the fact that I am impatient? Many have complained that they cannot catch up.
6.Paranoid can be my middle name sometimes. I am shit scared about losing loved ones.
7.I love to talk and have a bad habit of interrupting people. No, I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder or anything, but just do so cause unconsciously because I am dying to tell my story too! But I am working on this one.
8.I love to take photographs and to pose for them as well. Camera shy? Nay, not one bit.
9.I really admire and respect folks who make the time to do every small and big thing. In my efforts to do so, I am an almost obsessive compulsive planner. Truth be told.

Eight ways to win my heart

1.Cook a yummmmmmy meal for me. (the simplest because I am completely non-fussy, about food that is!)
2.Take me to as many movies as you can.
3.Buy me two new books every month!!
4.Give me my “me-time” whenever I need it.
5.Dance with me, swirl me around – Salsa, Jive, Anything.
6.Look me in the eye with a smile, and say “It is ok”
7.Allow me to whine, once in a while, please :)
8.Nothing more, really. Weird??

Seven things that cross my mind a lot
1.I want to read that too!
2.My blog seems to have lots of visitors, but hardly any comments. Strange? :P
3.Ok, so what do I cook today?
4.I miss home.
5.Ooops, what do I do now!
6.I need some more sleep.
7.Dear God, Thank u so much.

Six things I wish I never did
1.Did not take the effort to hone my driving skills
2.Hurt someone really bad without giving them the benefit of the doubt
3.Never made the best use of my now alma mater, then my college, in Chennai
4.Ignored sports completely in school
5.Did not take any professional training in dance
6.Accepted the offer to work in a retail chain

Five turn off’s
2.Constantly getting drunk
4.Bad breath

Four turn on’s

2.Ability to listen patiently
4.Well read

Three things I want before I die
1.Travel as much as I can.
2.Write as much as possible, my two cents for the future generations.
3.Be able to make as much as time possible for all my loved ones , whenever, wherever.

Two smiley’s that describe me


One confession
Seven out of ten times I see the glass half empty. Yes, I must confess, I am always trying to calculate everything that can possibly go wrong. I tend to lose focus of the good side to most situations.
So nowadays I consciously tell myself most of the times “yes, it could’ve been worse!”

:) :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Wholesome Weekend Wisdom

In the past few months, some weekends have been so hectic that by Sunday evening I feel worn out and tired. It is almost like I need the following Monday to recuperate!
But the last one was very different. I am usually not in a habit of listing out my “chores” on this blog, but I felt so happy and contented that I just, u know, wanted to write about it. :)

The reason being, in 48 hours, I was able to:
• Get some sound sleep
• Have ONLY homemade food (Read all three meals on Sat and had a friend
over for breakfast on Sun too!), barring a delicious Poha samosa which I could not resist
• Read peacefully without the blackberry buzzing in between. Just me and my book.
• Step out with girlfriends for some worthwhile shopping
• Go on a breathtaking midnight drive by the sea face
• Sleep some more
• Brush upon my driving and put in that extra effort for the tricky U-turns!
• Catch up with an old roommate cum good friend, on phone of course
• Indulge in a rejuvenating massage on Sunday evening

A fitting end to an awesome wholesome weekend, would you say? :)

I know many of you obviously do much more, but I am really thrilled in having done so much and not feeling worn out, even a tad bit! I am not sure if this observation makes sense, but having lived in two metros before, somehow you value your weekends so much more when you are married, and living in the busiest of cities – Mumbai. Weird, but true!

Many of us make the longest “To-do” list even after a hectic five day week that the weekends are chock-a-block! And then there is that melancholic Monday that follows where you regret not having done the 8th and 9th item on your list. One common mistake that we all make - “me-time” hardly features in the list. I don’t want to sound all overly philosophical here, but trust me the “me-time” makes all the difference. So if you are not traveling or embroiled in an emergency, here is what I humbly suggest to make those weekends more wholesome:

Trim the list: Instead of drawing up a list of 10 – 12 things, aim at doing 4 – 5 things and see them to closure. Also please factor in the traffic, the maid who may not show up on time, and of course the spur -of-the-moment movie that happens followed by coffee at Gloria’s!

Sleep like a log: In any case, you are up watching Bones/other sitcoms OR taking that late night conference call during the week, might as well give your body the rest it deserves during these two days. But yeah, if you are out clubbing on Saturday night, then please indulge in that beauty sleep till Sunday brunch/lunch.

Make some “Me-time”: Plans are always made with spouse, friends, family and acquaintances, but never with oneself. This is something which we completely ignore and trust me I am speaking from experience; it makes a lot of difference if you make it a part of your weekend routine. Just take some time, at least 30 – 40 minutes during the weekend and do something that you love, something that relaxes you. It must involve only you. Read a book, cook a yummy dish for yourself, write, listen to music, dance, go for a walk/massage, try a new yoga posture, or simply just meditate. It really enhances your concentration and declutters your mind to a large extent. I assure you over a period of time, you will be able to show lethargy the finger! :)

No place such as home: Yes I agree most of us take plenty of joy and pride in being bitten by the travel bug and sometimes go to the extent of traveling almost every weekend. It is important to go for those picnics and treks now and then, but should you insist on seeing those mountains and birds every week? I honestly do not think so. What will happen to your cozy pad? The one place that welcomes you whole heartedly after a tough day at work, you don’t want it to gather dust, do you? Try and spend some time indoors, and dedicate that time to your making your home cleaner and cozier.

Not another desk job: Don’t make your dining table also your office desk. Let go of that unfinished presentation, let it not eat into your head while you are at the beach with your loved one. I know this is easier said than done, and many of us (including me) break the golden rule of “No work during weekends”. At least let us make the honest attempt or soon our social life will simply cease to exist. What say? One cannot leave everything to Facebook. The boss will understand.

I am confident that the above pointers will help you in one way or the other. So sport that smile as always and the everything else will follow :)

Ah, before I forget, this article is also a product of my “me-time” and I already feel like a million bucks! Woohoo!

Here is to many more wholesome weekends for me and you!