Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Anybody Here??


A half written short story on your desktop screaming for attention
Rough draft of a book review (more like a bulleted list!) gathering dust

Tackling the above two, you must know, is faaaar from easy.

  • Numerous seasons of your favourite sitcom(s) are being downloaded every other day
  • Steady supply of riveting reads, by the week if you will. The repercussions of having generous friends, next-door libraries and some very promising thrift shops.
  • You are too busy trying to knock off most items on the “must-eat” list.  When not, you are busy trying to fit into the same old pair of jeans. :-/
  • There are friends who hang out all day on Skype/Viber and they would OBVIOUSLY feel bad if you didn’t hang with them. 
  • You are experiencing early symptoms of “The Relentless Job Hunt”!
  • Corniche is only two blocks away and is perfect for a good run. ‘Must visit’ if you ever come to this side of the globe.
  •  Most importantly, tinsel town and the BFF is just a bus ride away!
  • You are still basking in the feel of all things NEW! Sigh!

While I try and get my groove back (trust me writing prompts are NOT my thing), I am going to let pictures 'do the needful' in my next few posts. One photo a week! Yes? No? Maybe?


Bookworm or not, this place is pure heaven for anyone who is remotely fond or associated with books. Spanning a few thousand square feet, this store is just books, books and more books till your eyes can see.
Most visitors grab a cozy corner and plant themselves in the same spot for hours buried in a book.  I was busy trying to cover every rack scanning new releases and trying to make mental list of the ones I want to devour next!

Bookworld by Kinokuniya

Thanks to their strict “No Cameras Inside” policy, this is the only shot I could manage.

Takeaway: You need a whole day and maybe slightly more to do justice to the bibliophile in you!