Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thoughts on reading Sheryl's note to Dave

I came across Sheryl Sandberg’s note about her husband last evening. I had tears in my eyes even before I reached midway.

The trauma, the heartache, the void – she pours her heart out in honest words and thanks every single person who has been her rock during her darkest hours.

Millions of supporters offer her their prayers and well wishes pour in from various parts of the globe.

There are many amongst us who go through what Sheryl did.

But a majority choose to keep their heartaches to themselves. They do not how to articulate. Even if they did, there may be no one to listen.

A loss of a loved one is irreplaceable. No matter what your last name is, I am sure the pain is mind numbing to say the least.

Respect to each and every one of you who have reached this far.

I pray you keep going ahead, much farther and much more stronger.


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