Wednesday, May 23, 2012


(As published in the magazine Helter Skelter, based on a theme.)

“I never thought that scoundrel would do this to his only son…..” Gaurav’s grandfather’s voice trailed off and the old man could not bring himself to complete the sentence. The rising anger was accompanied by grief and helplessness. Tears flowed down his cheeks and he did nothing to stop them. His grandson lay in front of him fast asleep. The plasters covered his head and an eye as well.

Harshvardhan Jadhav had tried his best to stay strong for the sake of his ailing daughter but the sight of his only grandson, beaten up and bruised, tore him apart and he could not control his emotions any longer.

Preeti immediately rose from her chair and placed her hand on his shoulder. “Uncle… it is alright. Gaurav is fine now and soon he will be back to normal. His father is behind bars. You don’t have to worry about anything. We are here for you.” Her colleague and friend Mala also sat next to the elderly gentleman and tried to pacify him.

“Imagine if you had not called the police on time……” the old man continued in between his sobs… “I would have lost my grandson. I don’t know how to thank you beti. You saved his life. I just hope Tanuja gets better soon. I have not told her about Gaurav yet.”

Preeti wanted him to know that it was his grandson’s presence of mind that played a bigger role.....

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  1. Beautiful, Piya. Really touching read. :)

  2. loved the story!! very well written and dealing with a very relevant social issue!! :) :D hoping to see more from you soon!!! hugs!!

    1. Hehe! Thank youuuss!!
      I've already started building a couple of 'em in my head! :P


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