Thursday, October 30, 2008

Office passtime??

Ok,.. Lemme not start this blog by declaring how long it has been....skipping that bit,..

Isnt it amazing that we humans can sit through meetings and meetings and not arrive at a decision. Well I am convinced we can, and even more convinced that this kind of thing can also happen every day! To put in the most simplest way, the corporate world should have laws against holding more than two meetings a day and not more than 5 a week!

Imagine one such discussion:
speaker 1: "So where did we stop last time?"
speaker 2: "we were discussing plan A, .........and I was thinking we could go about it this way"
speaker 3: silence
speaker 4: "yeah it is a good plan....
speaker 1: "Yes, i agree it sounds good, but why dont we do it this way as well....."
speaker 2: "But dont you think that is very difficult in terms of implementation...."
speaker 3: silence
speaker 4: Nods in unison
speaker 5: "Hey guys, sorry I am late......"
speaker 2: "Well we were just dicsussing how to implement plan A,....and this is how it is gonna
speaker 3: "I agree"
speaker 4: silence
speaker 1:" Even if that sounds good,... somehow i feel the other idea of mine is quite
speaker 3: i think i am gonna scream
speaker 2: "ok" whatever!
speaker 5:"Guys, there is this Plan B that i have...."
speaker 4: "excuse me guys, I just got a call,... carry on"jesus! What a waste of time!
speaker 2: "I like X part about Plan A but I also like Y part of plan B, can we kinda merge them ?"
speaker 1:"But i thought we had finalised on Plan A.... But.... "
speaker 5: who cares about you , loser "yeah you were sayin... which part of Plan B did you not
speaker 3: " Are we not moving away from the topic?.."
speaker 2: "Not really ,.. i think plan B is kinda good. Plan A is also ok"
speaker 1:" No guys,.. I 'll tell u something,.. look at it this way,.."
speaker 5: "Ok, I'll tell u wat. Lets meet again tomo and discuss the pros and cons of both the
plans, then weshall take a call"
speaker 3: wow. this beats rocketscience!?!
speaker 2: damn, i cant leave early tomo too!
speaker 1: that prick, tomo i am gonna kick his ass!
speaker 5: i need to leave before that DVD store closes....

now this is an office reality or what!?
ok, a lil exagerrated. but wat the hell!! They are still bad. Aaaaarrggghhh!