Monday, July 21, 2008

The Busybody of Today!

Why do some people always make the promise of keeping in touch only to disappear from the phase of this earth never to be found again??
One of the biggest ironies!!
I unfortunately know some. Their favourite lines are:
"I am so sorry I have been busy, will call u back"
"Oh I was just thinking I should call you"
"I am a little busy, will definitely call you back"
The funniest one is " I was just talking to him/her about you" (Yeah, I was born yesterday to buy that crap!)
It is quite disheartening when you take the pain to constantly keep them in the loop, update them on your personal life, leave offlines and e mails and never ever get a response.
Everyone today love to use work as their biggest alibi for not having time for others. That is just so lame! Most of them dont realize that what goes around comes around. In such things, age, profession, geographical distance really DO NOT make a difference. It is such a happy feeling to catch with someone after a break, i have always enjoyed such converstaions and e mails. One of my closest friends, She stays like a few million miles away, and I am so proud of the fact that we practically know what each other is upto almost every single week. No, it is not because we do not have a social life or a career. Another ironic fact that i have observed is that you are more in touch w/ people who are the farthest in terms of distance than the ones in the same city!
Why on earth is that!?
Anyways its not like this post would make any difference to anyone of them! lol
For those who are reading this, hope you are hale and hearty wherever you are.
And for the nth time,.. Be in touch. :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lazy Sunday??.....

shucks!! Been more than a month since my last post. Lazy Lazy ,.. so bloody lazy!! Lethargy once it creeps in, its the worst thing that can happen to anyone.
One whole month just buzzed past with two trips to chennai, a few million weddings attended, two great weekends of hectic shopping and ... well that pretty much swallowed almost all my time. Still i have two more Economists left to read, a half read novel by Karan Bajaj, and loads of e- reading! Sigh!..and a License Test awaits.
One Sunday is so not enough. This is the nth time i have been cribbing about a non existent weekend and somehow i realize i shud stop.
Today i must visit the Nautica and E spirit store,.. apparently there is an EOSS sale.
Then i need to drag my ass to some freaking corner of this city to finish some official work! God.. why me!!?..
Atleast a movie awaits me today evening at 4 pm... So much in one day!
"What is life w/ so much care when you have no time to stand and stare!?"