Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And now they call it App-titude!!

Not so long ago I chanced upon the words Granny Smith and Subway Surf on my Facebook feed. My immediate reaction went something like this Weird name for a new movie. Or is it really? The next few seconds were spent in Googling and realizing how shockingly App-illiterate I was. More proof follows.  

Picture a scene at a Manhattan bus stop.

        Me:   Hi, when is the next bus to the 42nd ?

Stranger:   In about 20 mins

        Me:   Thank You…

Stranger:  You know there is an App that you can download to know the exact time
                  It’s pretty helpful. 

        Me:  Errrr.. ok. Thank you (Show-off!)

Picture another scene.

At the Path station in Jersey city at 6:30 am. Me and an elderly gentleman eagerly wait for the next train to New York city. Frustration gets the better of me when no train arrives for 20 minutes! Around 7:05 am a petite lass walks onto the platform.

 Me:  Hi, do you know when the next train to the 33rd is?

Girl:  It is scheduled to arrive at 7:09 am.

Me:  Oh. I wanted to reach NYC asap, didn’t know the trains would be late!

Girl:  (very seriously!): Oh they did update it on Facebook. Do you have their App?

Me:  Ummm..No, I don’t. Thanks a lot. (Waaaattttt??? Interesting! 
         And no, I don’t plan my schedule around an App, thank you very much!)

(Yes that’s Amreeka for you, my dear.)

I was too judgmental then I realize, and had zero App-titude. Clearly 4 months back, I used to think App meant just games and making conversations with e-animals.
But now, with almost everyone owning an android / smart phone, words like Flipboard, Runkeeper, Subway Surf, and not to mention talking cats and parrots (Did u say goldfishes, elephants and Sunny Leone too?) definitely count for topics of conversation. I mean why not? Now with the spouse getting hold of a new telephonic device, Google Play is well within my reach and I am slowly moving away from App-illiteracy!

Recently at work, I overheard someone discussing an App for IRCTC and Mumbai locals. The percentage usage of this App may grow at a snail’s pace, but nevertheless I was happy with the steady progress. Finally, it is no big deal at all. I can show-off the next time I wait for a train too. Hah!

While some of us go gaga over the run-of-the-mill, some others have moved waaaaaaaaay ahead!!

In case you didn’t know, they have an:

  • App to sleep deeply (I am getting one before next Diwali)
  • App to boost memory (Honestly I prefer vegetables)
  • App to pop pimples!! (Ugh!!Nasty!!!)
  • App to tackle awkward moments ( iPology it seems!)
  • App for Potty Training (*rolling eyes*)
  • App to be invisible (OK!! so I made that up!!! :P )

So friggin’ obsessed with technology you’d say, but then isn’t the whole world?