Tuesday, July 9, 2013


They sang for her, all the twelve girls in unison. The high pitched singing resonated within the four walls of the dining hall. She could see all of them seated around the mahogany table. But they could never see each other. Some tapped their fingers on the table in rhythm to the song while a few blinked continuously and smiled at an imaginary face. She stood facing them and watched as they completed the song and clapped their hands in joy. The cake looked rich, covered with strawberries and cream.  It better taste good too. She thought.

“Wait!! Before we cut the cake, I have a question for you!” squealed Rani, the youngest. “ Madame, What is the color of your dress today?

 “Blue” said She.

“It’s my favorite color too!”“ the younger girl beamed.

 “Then that makes the two of us” She said. Their insight into an unseen world never ceased to amaze her.

“My sister tells me that It is the color of the waves. I love when they splash against my legs. You know, the sand becomes so soft and ticklish! It makes me laugh. Is that why Blue is also your favorite color?”

 Humbled and awestruck, she replied, “Yes, it is."


  1. Lovely, ticklish and soft feeling , reading this. Very good, piya, keep the doors open and let them in


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