Saturday, June 26, 2010

All hype and no.....???

Looks like this movie has been in the news even before maybe the actors were signed on.. ?? Atleast when the shooting started, I remember seeing clippings in newspapers and magazines and the rave write ups about the case, the locales, the cinematography.. and what not.

Of course, I am definitely talking about RaaVan.

I saw it a week back and its definitely NOT a bad movie. But i strongly feel the movie was overly hyped and maybe thats why when it finally released, it got a lot of mixed reviews. When you plant a lot of expecations in the viewers mind, then it is impossible to live up to every single one of them.

I absolutely loved the cinematography. The movie was so pleasing to the eye. Aishwarya, as usual, looks beautiful even when she is bruised, starved and dejected. The supporting actors have showcased some brilliant performances. Vikram's performance is decent. What disappointed me most was Jr Bachchan. I really like the actor and I feel he has tried his level best. But to me he is "too polished and nice looking" for an asura king such as Raavan? This i purely my view and if there is any inconsistency, I would put the blame on Amar Chitra Katha :)

Jokes apart, I think the movie is a good one time watch, atleast for the visuals and the music. But yeah.. whats was with the hype?!

" Many a time, trailers are far better than the movie" says the wise one. :)

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  1. Piyaaa! So true! Even though i didnt even like the movie as much as u did... this is, by far, the most self-indulgent movie that Mani Ratnam has ever made. The cinematography,music, and acting stand out on their own but fail to come together to make a good movie... :(

    Btw, happy to see you back here... YOu do hv committed reader like me, you know... ;)


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