Friday, November 4, 2011

Out of focus @ 2

A Chinese Treat!

Location: Panasia, ITC Grand Maratha, Mumbai

Chinese being my favourite cuisine, A decided to take me to one of the best Chinese haunts in town. If you ever go to Panasia, pls do not forget to try their pan fried rice with chicken and mushroom in oyster sauce! Feast for the Chinese food lovers. In fact, our starters were stir fried prawns which were equally mouthwatering, that we wiped the plate clean within seconds!

Apart from the awesome food, Panasia also has a Live Kitchen where you can actually see the chef making your dish. Me and A were seated by the Live Kitchen counter and it was one hell of a treat for the eyes. In fact I had to make sure I was not caught drooling, quite literally! Heheheheh!

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