Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dialogue over deadline

What is the first thing that you do when you reach office?
• Fill the bottle by your desk with water
• Check your daily mail
• Make your To-Do list
• Search frantically for something you forgot on your desk the previous day
• Call the maintenance room to switch on the A/C

I do at least three out of the above five on a daily basis, but only after a speaking to mudder! Cornyyyyy?? Don’t care. :)

Yep, what I actually do as soon as I reach office, and before I sit down to work is - Call my mom.

A typical day at work for me begins by talking to mom, sometimes dad too. For those of you who are working, I am pretty sure you have that one ‘quick-fix’ thingie that you do every time when you feel your BP rising, or when you want to postpone looking at your inbox by just a few more minutes! For some, it could be listening to music, reading a movie review, or the daily news, etc.

I like to settle down and calm my nerves by chit chatting with my mother. There have been days when we would have covered everything from family politics, recipes, books, clothes, movies, just the previous evening. Yet I make that phone call the next morning to listen to her talk about the same old thing!

The conversations always take me back home where I feel like I am sitting opposite to her, cross legged and comfy in our living room sofa, listening carefully to every word. Any time I disagree, I would interrupt and she would get agitated. Sometimes I also do it on purpose. Hehe!

Of course I have also had my share of very crazy days where I reach office and immediately get working on the deadline. Half way through, the feeling that something is amiss begins to prick. I quickly abandon what I am doing and call her. Five minutes of some ‘quick-fix’ dialogue and the zing is back! And yeah, this routine is mostly during weekdays. Weekends I allow her to recharge! :)

And if you were wondering - I am hardly a tea/coffee drinker and trust me, they are no good substitutes.

PS : Amma, If you are reading this short and sweet (you don’t think so?) note, you do realize why I always get annoyed when you take too long to answer the phone. Don’t you??


  1. Cute one piya! :) I do the same except its through the day :)oh and a change in continents does not matter to me either! :)

  2. Thanks & Way to go gurl! :P I completely understand.. Thank God for them I tell ya! heheheh ;)

  3. Hi Piya! Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    I absolutely agree with you about the mommy call. I can hardly get by if I don't speak to my mom every day. Do moms become a girl's best friend only once the girl gets married? Because I can swear I didn't have this lovely a relationship with my mom before I got married. Do you concur?

  4. Hey there Sumira! Thanks for stopping by!

    Yeah, I agree, the bond has really strengthened post the wedding! ;)I keep yapping to her all thru the day sometimes! Lol...

    Btw, where are you from? Are you a full-time writer??

  5. I loved this one.. mom-daughter bond is awesome. i wish my daughter wud grow up to b something like this too :))

  6. Thanks for stopping by hun & I am glad you loved it! :) Its straight from the heart :)

    Of course. I am sure your lil girl will also write a mushy-yet-so-true post like this someday! :)


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