Friday, January 6, 2012

Awakening the Social Animal

One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday.
Eeyore, From Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne

The first minute I laughed as I pictured Eeyore saying this in his gloomy-yet-loveable manner! The next minute I was introspecting.

The first title that came to my head for this post was “The Antisocial Me” but then I have never burnt down theatres nor shot my fellow countrymen. Hence I don’t obviously qualify.

(I have developed this habit of organizing my thoughts in bullet points. So you will be seeing many more of those in the coming days.)

I digress. So coming back to why I have started to feel like I am almost a member of the “Unsociably Your’s” club:
• My schedule is usually packed with work, conference calls and gym. There is hardly any room for any “random” long phone conversations.

• Finishing neglected household chores suddenly seem like the best thing to do during a weekend.

• I prefer to send that BBM/whatsApp/FB message instead of making some much needed small talk.

• My phone conversations start and end with my mom, dad, in-laws, and sister. On repeat mode.

• I have forgotten my neighbors name for the umpteenth time. Now I seem to be forgetting her face too!

• I want to step out to buy a new lamp shade, and not so much for a cup of coffee.

• Apart from the hordes of book & movies, my constant companions are - The Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement, Sex and the city, and other fellow bloggers who care to drop by.

• I am wondering what to write next instead of what to wear next.

• I have been postponing that potluck party for the LONGEST time ever! Sigh!

• I send messages/texts to friends and if I do not receive an answer the first time, I immediately give up.

• I have mastered the art of shopping alone, while the spouse is obviously thrilled.

• I have stopped checking out photographs and updates on Facebook.

• Even on a vacation, I end up looking through people while they are trying to engross me in the most entertaining conversation.

• The number of bookmarks on my Mozilla Firefox page is growing at an exponential rate.

• Looks like I can’t recognize the most popular David Guetta song, which apparently plays in every club these days.

• I am not so gung-ho about eating out. Not even Fish n Chips!

• I go to sleep at 10pm to wake up at 6am to read/write.

• Someone actually yells at me “Jesus! Where the hell have you been??! It has been SO bloody long.”

• I chose to ramble here for the whole world to read, rather than whining about it to a close friend! :-/

Eeeeks! The weirdest part is I seem to be comfortable with this feeling. It seems like a perfectly normal phase. Strange? No??

Well, it better be just a phase.... cause the Social Animal (!) is slowly waking up to plan a potluck soon.


  1. Dang! I could relate to almost every single one. I've been thinking on these lines too, that I need to get more social. But the strange thing is, it doesn't really bother me, like you said it feels normal :D

    You have a nice style of writing and I enjoy reading it. I'm so glad I found you, or rather you found me and then I found you back. Good writers are hard to come by. Please, please don't stop writing :)

  2. Geeeee. Thank you so much girl :) You made my weekend!!!
    Btw, was reading through your Must Reads, definitely gonna pick up those two books soon.

  3. ha! ha! ha! ha! ha ! ROFL ! :-):-):-)

  4. Hahaha! Well my friend Menon, the truth is always said in jest! ;)

  5. Bull's eye on every 'bullet point'!


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