Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Confessions of an (incredibly!) indecisive mind


7:00 am: Didi, Aaj kya banau?

7:02 am: Dal, aur…

7:02 am: Gobi.. ?

7:02 am: Haan thik hai..Actually, yeh Dal ke bina kuch curry nahi banta?

7:05 am: Kyon didi?

7:05 am: Nahi, bas aise …Dal kha khake bore ho gayi hoon!

7:06 am: Acha, thik hai, toh phir main anda curry banau?

7:06 am: Nahi, Aaj mein anda nahi khaati...

7:07 am: To phir main soya sabji banau?

7:07 am: Aaj dosa khaayenge, sambar banao

7:08 am: Sambaar mein dal daloon?

7:08 am: Arey, yeh kya pooch rahe ho! Dal ke bina kaise banayenge aap?!



10:00 am: Does this graphic look good on this invite?

10:03 am: Hmmmm, it is looking a little boring.
This is an award ceremony rt? Use a trophy?

10:03 am: Trophy?? That is even more boring, no?

10:04 am: Yeahhh.. mmm true. What about a Red Carpet?

10:04 am: That will not suit this creative I feel..

10:05 am: Ok, so see what else we can do then.
I have to send so many mails, will discuss in a bit, ok?


10: 15 am : Arey, why have u used a Red Carpet?

10: 15 am : Actually I was wrong, it fits pretty well..take a look..

10: 15 am: No No!! it looks weird…..remove it!

10: 16 am: Then I will put a trophy?

10: 16 am: Trophy? Who said anything about a trophy! Think Out of the box yaar!!



11: 00 am: I want to go out.

11: 02 am : Ok, but where?

11: 02 am: Movie?

11: 02 am: Ok, which one? You want to watch the latest Julia Roberts flick?

11: 03 am: Nope, that one has bad reviews on IMDB.

11: 04 am: So let’s go for something else

11:04 am: There doesn’t seem to be anything else, anything that WE haven’t seen! Tch!

11: 05 am: Ok, then decide. You only said Movie!

11: 06 am: OK, forget movie then..

11: 06 am: U want to go to Hard Rock?

11: 07 am: Actually I was thinking let’s go for a play..

11: 07 am: Ok, which one?

11: 10 am: Oh no, I just checked… this week they have some pretty lousy ones...
Hard Rock sounds like a good idea.. but on second thoughts,....…

11: 10 am: Can we just go for a drive instead?

11: 10 am: Oh I was just about to say that. But the maid comes in two hours..
will we be back by then?

11: 12 am: Silence

11: 12 am: Why are you not saying anything?

11: 13 am: What do you want me to say? You make the plan..

11: 14 am: Ok, So I will. There has to be some movie worth watching..
there definitely has to be. Let me check…

11: 14 am: Silence. Zzzz…

11: 15 am: ??? WHAT!

11: 16 am: Nothing at all! Wake me up once you have made up your mind.



  1. Now these are snippets I can soo relate to!! :) Loved the writing!! :D


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