Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall, Storm, Snow and a Happy Birthday!

It has been two weeks since Sandy and one week since the 44th President of the Unites States resumed office. 

Moving onto slightly lesser known events if I may:

Little did I know when I woke up one Saturday morning that I would:

  • Miss my bus even after numerous wake-up calls from another continent :-/ 
  • Miraculously be far from power outages and floating debris. Dear God, Thank you.
  • Be visiting an utterly gorgeous and quaint town called Cambridge
  • Meet John Harvard, sitting proud and pleased
  • Do a fun road trip with added perks such as wine-tasting, cider doughnuts, and maybe some storm warnings?!
  • Eat a Beef Tongue Pizza! I would be lying if I said It didn’t taste good.
  • Discover deliciousness - aka Corn bread. I want!
  • See some weird-ass DIY Halloween Costumes. Lol!
  • Visit a spooky old cottage in the middle of wilderness. 
  • SHOP – ..................!!!!!!!
  • EAT & Drink : Bibimbap, Salumi, Sake, Costa Rican brunch – The only pronounceable names that I managed to remember!
  • WALK all day lost in sights and sounds, closely accompanied by the guilt of over-eating! Weird.
  • Fall in love with FALL. Absolutely.
  • Get addicted to marathons on Netflix. Who doesn’t?
  • Attend a music gig only to realize later that the singer IS really a famous dude, part of a former famous band! Ha ha!
  • Have a memorable B’day away from home. It was one helluva surprise! :)
This rambling would be incomplete without some eye-candy?

What is NOT to Love.

The early signs of an impending 'food-coma'!!


...and then Snowfall! I was super excited, though many weren't. 

A few hours before it turned into a White Blanket!

It has been an amazing few weeks and now looking forward to better ones........ just around the corner!


  1. Hey piya...so glad to know u had ablast :) I wanted to know how ur phoren bday went but I think my wishes got burried in the thousands that u got on fb :)so happppy birthday again and have a blast!

  2. Hey sweets, thanks a lot. so sorry i missed replying to u.
    Yep, it was indeed a memorable experience! :)

  3. Hey thr.. Glad to know you are having an amazing time.. And despite being miles away from home you had a very memorable birthday... missing you on BBM tho.. have fun and do think of poor souls like me wen u r off gorging on mouthwatering delicacies.. ;) And Happy Birthday again!!! :D


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