Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 10 - Hang on Jon Snow

I remember writing about this particular sitcom that I was addicted to.  But then that was before GRRM's masterpiece.

For those who know me well or even others who may have spent a ‘considerable’ amount of time with me would know how much I LOVE this show. (to the point of obsession, really. :-I)

And good for me some of my closest friends feel the same too. About those who never had anything to do with it, well I converted them. Now they are hooked too.  *Evil Laugh*

In case you just scoffed at what you read above, I suggest you begin by watching the History and Lore videos. A sheer delight to watch, these videos are true examples of story telling at its best.

Huh? You never enjoyed reading mythology and fantasy while growing up?

Not even a single story from Amar Chitra Katha sparked your interest?


But then again, nothing beats watching the actual show.  As I type this, Episode 7 awaits.

Hang on Jon Snow, I pray you don’t get on that mighty ship.
Till I settle on my yielding throne, armed with cuppa and chips.

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