Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 1 - Just like that

Exhaustion had become her. Almost every cell in her limbs had begun to cry out loud in protest.
Barely a gulp of water left, she reeled under the heat of the feisty sun.
Almost there, Almost done……..she told herself in quite whispers.
In case you are wondering what the above is about, allow me to explain.

This is what happens:

  • When you sit on your butt for 1 whole month with barely any exercise (walking around in an overcrowded mall for 4 hours straight to find that perfect pair of jeans obviously DIDNOT count) and then you wake up one morning filled with remorse and you decide to go for a run.

  • When you don’t write for ages together and then when you start, you cannot stop till you make it sound sufficiently (overly) dramatic.
In other news, I decided to challenge myself to write for 30 days ( Ahem. hopefully continuously!) starting today.
I really truly badly madly deeply hope to survive this one.


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