Thursday, May 1, 2008

The first twenty minutes....!

I must say that there is no better feeling than being back home, after a realllly long time. I for one truly believe that i deserve this much awaited break! Cliched as it sounds, Home will always be sweet home!!

As soon as my auto gets onto the much travelled valanjabalam road, i feel so good seeing the same bus stop, the same flower shop, not to mention the same STD booth!!

Mom greets me with a tight hug and her usual reassuring pat on my back.I scan the room for my sister and then realize that its too early for her to be up for the day. Dad's call comes just when i am about to ask about him. As usual he is quite upset that he couldnt be home with us, makes his usual queries about my journey and my health and makes some other "daddy like comments" lol,.. my dad is definitely the best!! :)

I am not so happy to see my sister's dazed cat taking a nap near the sofa! Nevertheless, I jump over it to the bedroom to dump my luggage and freshen up.

mom brings me my favourite breakfast, the nadan "puttu and kadala", my soul food. My sister decides to grace the ocassion with her presence. After i give her a tight hug, i notice the stupid cat again, standing next to her, rubbing itslef against her legs.. purring!

I make a face but all is forgotten while having the most delicious breakfast. Mom enquires about my plans for the day. I assure her that time time it will not be a name sake trip and that i intend to spend the maximum time indoor, and not gallavanting!

The phone rings and mom rushes to pick it up,... I begin with my routine of pulling my sisters leg and to my disappointment the routine doesnt last too long, thanks to the whiny cat who has managed to get her attention! hmphhh,...

I lie down on the sofa, leafing through the Newspaper, oh Bandh!!?.. My mind begins to wander and I see my office desk,... Pah!! I refuse to think about work. I think i should either take a nap, Ah! pure bliss.. or maybe i should.... damn you wretched cat.. Move outta my way loser!

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  1. first 20 minutes back home makes up for almost all the effort you went through to get back home.i agree.
    although people we leave behind also pick up new habbits,friends while we are gone, the initial iritation with these new alien things in our familiar sarrounding sort of takes a back seat after practiced indifference :)


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