Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whoever said "no regrets" was lying!

What is the most dangerous six letter word that can totally spoil your mood, make you feel disgusted and angry at yourself, nurture only (or atleast mostly) negative thoughts and leave you helpless and depressed?

R E G R E T!

yes, people! It does!

U may agree with me or not...but the truth is that most of us have gone through this phase and some of us go through this phase more often than some others.
Let me warn you, it is healthy as long as it is constructive introspection and you are not on a self sympathy trip. Then it becomes dangerous!
Ok, so u didnt make the right decision then, ok so you didnt tell him/her what you felt then, ok so you chose the long route instead of the short cuts, etc etc... blah blah... so what the heck! Who doesnt make mistakes? DUH!

just a friendly advice from someone who went on this "oh crap.. why did i do it" trip for a while....

- Try and make an honest attempt to UNDO it, if its not too late.
(Now this is definitely easier said than done. I have tried many a time, but in vain!!if u can.... Then thats the best way to feel better about it)
- Try not to tread on the same path again
- Take some time out for yourself, deal with it and tell yourself its no big deal!
- Stop blaming yourself for it always.Maybe it was your fault, but you never claimed to be gabriel!
- Do Not whine about it always (umm, well yeah maybe a lil), instead tell yourself "It couldve been worse"
- Self Sympathy is a No NO!

We all make mistakes for a reason, shit happens!! Try to learn from them and dont let Mr "REGRET" get the better of you!

Dont say i didnt warn ya....on that note i bid farewell to all for a great cup of coffee and a nice walk in the park! :D

tiggity bappitty booooo....!!!!!!!!
random? childish? gibberish? well, what the heck!

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  1. Nice... :-) Came right at a time when I needed it most :D... U write really well.. and you shud write more..!! and since u wanted a tag ... Pick up this one... Tagged


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