Friday, May 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home Alone?!

Seven years and still counting....its been quite a while since I have been living away from home,... moving in and out of different cities. It has become next to impossible to keep track of the number of hostels and paying guest accomodations that I have lived in!! But I must say I have very fond memories of almost all the places (I am referring to the people i have lived with and not the WARDENS!! Mind you, those species must be banished from this planet!)

But I must admit that I was always spoiled. Even though I was away from home, I had the best of friends around me (Thank U guys!) ready to cheer me up if I was down, ready to join me if i wanted to cook, ready to go for loong walks even if it was on an early sunday morning.....

Not that I dont have those friends anymore, but they dont live with me now. Its been almost a year since I have been staying alone at my new place (Technically a few months as my sister was always around till about two months back!), and I somehow have mixed feelings about the whole idea.

Initially the idea was definitely exciting! Your own space, Wow! You get all the privacy in the world, You can call your friends and family over (thats the best part), You can play whatever music you want.... blah blah..

Later on as the months passed, I had too many things to think about : electricity bills,a nosy landlord, random noises in the middle of the night (ok, maybe I was hallucinating) cleaning and cooking (this one is the worst). The past few months have made me relaize that though I am an independent person and like my own space, I cannot be alone. I need someone around to talk to,to come back home to..(someone pleasant of course) !!! I keep asking myself - Is this normal? How could I be so immature? But I am sure most of you who have stayed alone would have felt the same way. It can get quite boring after a while, unless you are a person wedded to your work and thats all you can think of even while you are at home.

Its mostly the weekdays and not the weekends that matter. Weekends, I ensure I catch up with most of my friends, make a few trips to see my folks or my boyfriend (who also lives alone and loves it!?! I guess its a 'guy' thing......)

No salsa classes nor gym will help you handle the solitude, its clearly something you need to accept and get used to I realize.

On a positive note, I must say I did manage to do a lot of reading, a bit of cooking ;) and surely a whole lot of online research on most things living and non living (hehehe) in the past few months! Phew! ..... If any of that counts for healthy living...:)ummmmm..

I think it sure does! so Yayy!!

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