Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It happened to me..

For starters I had a great weekend in Chennai, as usual.
The best part about the weekend - I missed my bus back to Bangalore.

And there I was sulking because the three day hectic weekend unfortunately had to end on a sunday night when I was scheduled to leave at 10: 30 pm. As luck would have it, I was totally exhausted and thoroughly "pooped out" after several walks on the beach, visits to meet family and friends, eating out and the works.

I decide to take a nap at 10:00 pm for "ten minutes", and ofcourse after a much deserved "power nap" there I am sitting up wide awake all ready to leave, but at 11:00pm!!
I shout at A, " What the F... its 11:00 pm". As calm as calm can be, he asks me to relax, its too late now.
I stare at him in disbelief. "But .....??"
I knew he would try his best to ensure that I reach somehow. We rush out. I grab my jacket, scarf, shoes and run to the car.
A drives in full speed. In fifteen mins, we reach. Just as he pulls in to the office of the supposed travels, a Volvo passes.
" I hope that one is not yours" says A
I rush to ask the first person I see from their office, " Bangalore... Volvo....?"
He is indeed thrilled to inform me " oh.. madame? sit No 16 ahhh?? Window seat ahh?? Bus ippothan poyachu"
Bloody hell.
I run back to the car. A tells me we will chase the bus, though we both knew that it had gone far head. Thats the thing with these Volvos I realize. We try to chase it, but it had gone completely out of sight.
A says " No point now, its ok, you can go tommorrow"
I immediately think of what to tell my boss. I must say he should be proud of me.
We get back home. I rush to log onto IRCTC for a train ticket. But the damned site is down - "service unavailable" . crap!
A says, with his usual sheepish grin " Let me take a photo, please"
I am disappointed, upset, angry, ashamed and also telling myself " its no big deal". Yes, I am sure that would have made a good photograph.
After many failed attempts trying to book a ticket on IRCTC and KPN, A tells me the best option would be to take the earliest flight the next day. We argue over the money involved.
After a while I painfully realize there is no other option.
And of course.. I am on this goddam plane now! Pah!
Yes, this did happen to me. ME.

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