Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Like Bangalore ??

I reached here in June 2007,... almost three years and counting... Ok, so maybe I am not in love with the city, nor do I hate it! These are definitely some of the things which I love about this city ( atleast of what I know about it :P)

1. The WEATHER ( It is AWESOME!)
2. Koramangala ( The place I stay - its so self sufficient, you dont need to really go anywhere else, be it shopping, eating out, pub, books, alcohol, movies, gym, coffee.. you name it!)
3. The Volvo buses ( Makes travel so conveniant, affordable and comfortable)
4. Commercial Street ( Here is where I go if I have run out of options at Koramangala, Narayan Jewellers being my favourite silver jewellery store)
5. Koshys ( My favourite restaurant on St Marks Road)
6. Chemistry ( My favourite garmet store in Indira Nagar)
7. Its so much closer to home.(Touchwood)I am sure there are atleast 50 buses running daily from Bangalore to Cochin and back.
8. Blossoms ( My favouire book store on Church Street)
9. Alochol is quite cheap :P ( not that I drink that much...)
10.The WEATHER..... Sigh!


  1. nice to read all these...its like you telling me things one by one...its so you!!!!!

  2. Thank you Honey :D


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