Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to Mumbai

So much has happened in so little time. As clichéd as it sounds, within my last post and this one, I must confess I have become a lot lazier and procrastination seems to be the favorite word.

Ok. So I changed cities. Mumbai is where I live now. Yes, the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps, the safest city for women, the city of vada paavs, the city that has something for everybody. Call it what you want.

Above is the description that I have heard and read many a time. Three weeks into the city and I have in fact started enjoying the train rides (NO kidding!) and I have started observing more than day dreaming for a change! The vendors selling multi colored hair clips to the fellow passengers who believe that nothing is more important than the book that they are reading, not to mention the men and women who push to get to the sky walk and the over bridge a tad quicker than lesser mortals such as me, and of course some men who insist on hanging out from the door to feel the polluted air on their face, no matter how much space is available inside the compartment. Each journey is distinctive, no complaints.
Having said that, you may have noticed that I am yet to explore the famous book stores, malls, the beaches and other corners of this fascinating city. Any suggestion is most welcome.

And Yes, I did visit Marine Drive and the famous Bandra – Worli sea link. Thanks to my fiancé and friends. You guys are the best.

So here is to a great beginning in a vibrant city, fresh faces and some really interesting times ahead.

Welcome to MUMBAI.


  1. wlcum to mumbai..and happy married lyf..!

    In mumbai u hav lot of worth visiting place!

  2. Thanks Kartika :) Yes, I hope to explore more of Mumbai soon. Thanks for stopping by!


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