Sunday, April 10, 2011

The book store I endorse… ;)

My love for reading evidently supersedes my love for writing, which naturally makes me search for a good book store in the city/area where I live. I have been pretty lucky on this mission, but this time I think I hit a jack pot.

I was taken to Ashok Shukla’s second hand store by one of my close friends on a Sunday evening, and I was not completely convinced about this one, to be frank. As we reached Gokuldham (Goregaon East , Mumbai) Café Coffee day, I grew a little impatient. Just then in front me of me I saw a man in his late forties, thin and frail, moving around amongst books just piled up on the floor. So this is the book store? Mind you. It is and a really good one sans the roof over your head, air conditioner in full blast, swanky stools to sit and read the books, book shelves and stands. Ashok Shukla’s bookstore is just his books which are stacked up in various rows. Most importantly, his books are in good condition and he gives them to you at such a bloody good deal. The costs are negligible compared to any other book store I have been to, including Blossoms and Bookworm (two other very good second hand book stores) in Bangalore.

Either you read or borrow them, he is the happiest when you say “wow uncle.. you have this book!! I have been hunting for the same since such a long time” He also has a small notebook where you can make an entry of the books that you want to read and he makes an honest effort to source the same at the earliest. I was touched.

Ashok uncle is also accompanied by his son, a teenager who doesn’t seem to be as interested in books as he should be, but very happy to watch all the book lovers who come by. Together, the father and son have managed to build up a good collection and kudos to them for that.

Maybe if they also served dosas with chai as well on the side, I would be the happiest. :D

What about you?


  1. what do mean these are 'his' book? u mean he bought them and one fine day decided to sell?

  2. I guess.. he sources em for cheap and sells em!


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