Monday, August 29, 2011

Memories for Eternity

The other day I happened to receive a forward from my cousin with the photographs below. Aren’t they simply beautiful??

The moment I saw these pictures, I was immediately engulfed with nostalgia.

I am not able to recollect the name. But this particular play thing was commonly used in a game of cards by the village folks. The toy is made of machinga (tiny coconut) and a strand from ola (palm leaf). If I remember correctly, anyone who loses the game had to hang it on his / her ear. :)

The above is a spoon used to have kanji (rice porridge) and made of plaavila (leaf of a jack fruit tree). As a child I used to love watching my grand uncle relish his kanji and cherupayar puzhukku (a dish made of boiled green gram). He used to say that the plaavila added to the flavour!

This one is an ola kanaada (Spectacles made from palm leaf), a play thing of course!

I wonder if I will ever see them again.


  1. :) rightly said.. very nostalgic to see these snaps... :) i remember snakes also that were made from ola.. :) and windmill type things and all.. :) its been ages since i saw these.. :) and God knows if i'll ever see them in my life again.. :P

  2. Yup you are absolutely right. :D
    They were so cute na, brings back such fond memories! Sigh!


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