Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Married and all that......

Ok. So I too took the plunge. Married to the man who can make me laugh when I am in the worst of moods. :)
The D-day May 14 just whooshed by! Now when I look back I am not sure if I remember every detail of the day ……not to mention the few days before. A house packed with relatives, brimming with festivity, flashy lights, food, music and what not. I really enjoyed the mayhem. But what can sometimes get to you is the constant “Where are you going” , “What are you doing”! I had my readymade “Ma.. I am just going out to buy a face wash”, “Ma, I need to get this blouse altered” But that didn’t stop my mom “No, you are not going anywhere ALONE”. Shut it I told myself. I must admit I must have made my poor sister and cousin do all the running around, from corner to corner, pillar to pole in search of that matching earring or bangle or even nail polish! I promise to make up for it during their wedding.
I wonder what matching business grooms do. Nothing .
Then D Day arrives. BIG SMILE….ALL THE TIME. That is the mantra. And I did get a few compliments from most friends. “You looked so happy, so comfortable… not nervous at all” Well the truth is I was NOT nervous nor uncomfortable. I was simply exhausted. While I was watching the wedding video, I must say the lack of sleep didn’t show at all. (Thanks to my super efficient beautician!) While getting ready to go on stage, I was praying that the glucose supplements give me the stamina to stand through the day without being zonked so that I have the presence of mind to recognize people, greet them and pose for the camera. Nothing should go wrong. This is one of the most important days of my life.
Nothing did. The minute I saw his face, smiling at me from the stage, the same reassuring smile that I have seen over the years. I knew “All is well”!
We were married in a few minutes, pronounced husband and wife. Flowers! Trumpets! Camera Flashes! (I also think there were hoots!)The much awaited wedding was over in a few hours!?
Temple visits, functions, food, food and more food with some more pampering followed by a lovely honeymoon in the mountains.
One month into wedlock and loving it. :)

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