Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet Betty Bitter

Talking about a certain individual, his/her nasty behaviour, and how much it irks you, is one thing. But writing about is something else altogether.

It may not be my style. But I have decided to bite the bullet and go ahead because this one is a class apart. (ok, I know I can be very mean If I want to be. But only very rarely and I have my reasons.)I do not in any way claim to be the quintessential sweet and nice girl, and do not aim to be one either.

Everyone has their bad hair days and this obviously reflects in their mannerisms and attitude towards everyone and everything within an arms distance. In the past few years I have met landlords, neighbors, colleagues, classmates who can be really sarcastic and bitter due to some reason or the other and after that short spell, they are back to normal. C’mon we have all been there sometime.

But our Miss Betty Bitter (did not want to get too creative here) believes that being bitter is the reason why she exists! No Kidding! Reason for this conclusion? Ever since I have known her, she has remained this way with me and most people that we know in common. The minute anyone mentions her name, eyebrows go up and frowns appear out of nowhere. “Oh please don’t tell me she is coming”, “ She has always been this way”, “How does her family put up with this”. I am always very straightforward “ I think she needs to end her frustration soon before it gets the better of her.”

Betty Bitter never smiles at anyone wholeheartedly; at least most of us have never seen it. Negativity exudes from almost every sentence she says. She has a perpetual frown during the most pleasant situations. She does not believe in making friendly conversations to anyone. To make it worse, she whines at every single opportunity she gets. Just the other day she was complaining about how she could have avoided being a silly housewife!? Yes, she thinks she is a silly housewife because – she got married at the age of 21 just after her graduation, had kids when she was 22 and had to give up a promising career. The whining had begun when she was 22 and now her kids are in their teens. Get the drift?

Well. There are so many women out there in her shoes. I know of at least three. They do not complain. They made the best use of the circumstances that they were thrown into. For starters, all of them have become amazing homemakers (trust me, that is far from easy).

We all go through many unfortunate circumstances and incidents in life. But why put others, individuals who had nothing to do with any of it, also through our stories of miseries and misfortunes? You want to share it with a few close friends. Go ahead. Spare the others of the torture.

I have always been willing to listen to anyone who has come to me with their problems. But I cannot put with up cynicism and the constant “Oh God why me always!” In spite of all this I told myself, let me try and be nice to her. She is after all a product of circumstances like we all are. I made constant attempts to speak to her whenever we met at public functions, went over to her house, invited her to mine etc etc. But what happened recently just completely threw me off the rocker.

After a brief visit, while seeing her off I was about to give her a hug. Guess what happened next?
She actually moved away and pushed my hands!!!!? I was stumped. The second she realized she had done something abhorrent, she forced a smile and patted my cheeks in the most haphazard manner. Then she stepped inside the taxi and in a highly mocking manner said “Nice meeting you”. It almost seemed like she was imitating me because I was trying to be formal. Since when did a hug become formal?! How can any adult in their right mind behave so pathetically? No excuses for this one.
By the time I gathered myself, after a minute or so, the taxi had sped off and boy was I glad! I kept asking “what did I do wrong?!” Then I realized I was being a fool in feeling even a tad upset about such an act of sheer bitterness.
I talked about it to some of my closest friends and they laughed. One of them even said “I am not shocked. She is capable of doing worse and you are wasting your time even thinking about it.”

I guess there are some individuals who like to bask in their unpleasantness. Trust me it is better to stay away from those negative vibes.

I decided to write this just so that each time I feel like being nice to her, I can be reminded of her true colors.

Then again, I wonder if I will ever forget this one. Ugh! So bitter!


  1. :)) ha ha Piya, u r right, its def not ur style; nevertheless reason is obvious!

  2. :) I knowww priya! But wattodo, I was in the worst of moods after the incident and had to vent it out somehow! :D now looking back I wanna laugh!


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